Design Computing

Advanced digital modeling methods are rapidly replacing traditional drawings in the planning, design, construction, and operation of buildings. This trend is apparent in the growing adoption of building information modeling (BIM) technologies by the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction industry. BIM enables innovative, high-quality designs and improves collaboration in multi-disciplinary teams. Moreover, when applied throughout the building life-cycle, BIM may contribute towards achieving higher user satisfaction and energy effectiveness of buildings.

The Design Computing Group (DCG) conducts research and development in BIM and its application in building design, building automation, mobile computing, and digital fabrication. Combining backgrounds in building construction and computer science, DCG team members have a proven track record in planning and executing innovative research and development projects related to BIM with academic and industry partners.


Filip Petrushevski, Martin Reis, Heinz Schmiedhofer, Milos Sipetic, Georg Suter (head)