The Doctoral College Computational Design (DC:{CD}) at the TU Wien, embedded in the Center for Geometry and Computational Design, is the first PhD program in Austria that is situated at the interface of several areas of excellence in research: Computer Graphics and Algorithms, Software Technology and Interactive Systems, Computer Aided Automation, Discrete Mathematics and Geometry, Architectural Sciences, Art and Design, History of Art, Building Archaeology and Restoration, Interdisciplinary Construction Process Management and Mechanics of Materials and Structures.

The starting date will be in January 2016.



Design of Large Multi-User Flexible Spaces

Interactive Exploration of 3D Point-Clouds

Transformations and Base Shape Analysis

Motion Platform Optimization

Geometry Discretization for BIM-based Interdisciplinary Data-exchange of Architectural Geometry to Structural Analysis Models
Procedural Modeling of Architectural Heritage

Consumer-Level Computational Design of Functional Products

Computational design of timber structures - linking form and mechanics

Integrating Digital and Physical Design Methods

Space Data and Procedural Modeling for Smart Lighting System Design

Further Information

Further information consernig the application is available at Official Announcement.