Geometric Modeling

Geometric Modeling and Industrial Geometry is a research unit at the Institute of Discrete Mathematics and Geometry.

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Digital Architecture

The Digital Architecture Group conducts research and development of tools, methods and their applications in areas ranging from heritage to future architectural design and planning of the built environment.

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Virtual Reality

The Virtual and Augmented Reality Group at the Institute of Software Technology and Interactive Systems conducts basic and application oriented research in all areas related to virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR).

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3D Design and Model Making

A main research focus is the integration of digital and physical design methods.


Design Computing

The Design Computing Group conducts research and development in BIM and its application in building design, building automation, mobile computing, and digital fabrication.

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Rendering and Modeling Group

The Rendering and Modeling Group performs fundamental and applied research in computer graphics, in particular in the areas of modeling and rendering.

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Differential Geometry

This research group covers a wide variety of interests and topics, ranging from classical differential geometries of various flavours to more abstract geometric structures and modern geometric methods, as well as relations with other sciences and applications of geometry.

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Mechanics of Materials and Structures

The research group Mechanics of Materials and Structures is part of the Institute for Mechanics of Materials and Structures.

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Research Group for Integrated Planning

The Mission of our research group is advancement of Integrated Design and Planning Methods supported by Computational Tools for Modelling and Analysis in the earliest design stages. 

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Geometry Processing and Digital Fabrication

The focus of the Geometry Processing and Digital Fabrication Group lies on fundamental research of geometric modeling and geometry processing algorithms that afford novel approaches to computational design for digital fabrication.

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