Symposium on Geometry and Computational Design

The members of the center for Geometry and Computational Design cordially invite interested company representatives, faculty, students and the interested public to our Symposium on Geometry and Computational Design on Nov 30th 2015 at TU Wien. This symposium follows up on the very successful opening event of the center in November last year with a series of lectures.

Leading researchers will present recent developments in geometry, computer graphics, computational design and architectural engineering.

Furthermore, the center proudly celebrates the start of the new, interdisciplinary Doctoral College “Computational Design” initiated by the center in collaboration with the faculties of Mathematics and Geoinformation, of Informatics, of Architecture and Planning, and of Civil Engineering at TU Wien.

To facilitate the organization of the symposium, which will be free of charge for all attendees, we gratefully accept registration until Nov 23rd  via email at


TU Wien, Karlsplatz 13, 1040 Vienna
Kuppelsaal, Main Entrance, 4th floor


  930 Opening
1000 Mark Pauly, EPF Lausanne
  Transforming Light
  Coffee break
1110 Axel Kilian, Princeton
  Embodied Computation
1150 Konrad Polthier, Freie Universität Berlin
  Regular Maps and Symmetric Tilings
  Lunch break
1430 Philippe Block, ETH Zürich
  Geometry-based Structural Design
1510 Sean Hanna, University College London
  Design and Intelligent Machines
  Coffee break
1630 Leif Kobbelt, RWTH Aachen
  3D Model Augmentation: From Quad Meshes to Quad Layouts
1710 Bernd Bickel, IST Austria
  3D Printing: Trends and Emerging Computational Challenges
1750  Herwig Bretis, ArtEngineering
  Engineering of Art